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List of Juryo


Highest Rank     Juryo 1
Shusshin         -
Heya             -
Shikona          Fujinoto
Hatsu Dohyo      unknown
Intai            unknown

Career Record    20-17-3d-3a/43 (6 basho)
  In Juryo       20-17-3d-3a/43 (6 basho)

1873.04 J6w                     5-4-1a
1873.12 J6w                     5-4
1874.03 J3w                     2-4-1a
1874.12 J2w                     5-2-1d
1875.04 J1w                     3-3-2d-1a
1876.01 J1w                     0-0

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