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Tokitaizan Takashi

Highest Rank     Jonokuchi 39
Real Name        SAITO Takashi
Birth Date       October 23, 1989
Shusshin         Niigata-ken, Niigata-shi
Death Date       June 27, 2007 (17 years)
Height and Weight182 cm 112 kg
Heya             Tokitsukaze
Shikona          Saito Takashi - Tokitaizan Takashi
Hatsu Dohyo      2007.05
Intai            2007.07

Career Record    0-0/0 (1 basho)
  In Mae-zumo    1 basho

Saito Takashi
2007.05 Mz                      1-3
Tokitaizan Takashi
2007.07 Jk39e                   0-0

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